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This many people have been to the site since 7-21-00. Pathetic huh?

HI, a while ago I was robbing graves and some dead guy bit me....I think I'm a zombie now.... anyway I figured I'd make a website about it. And sign my guestbook, if I see your name there, I might just spare your life, probably not though.

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There are many things to learn when you become a zombie. First of all you need a good steady supply of brains. I was happy to find out that stupid peoples brains taste just as good as smart peoples brains. This is good because there are many stupid people in town that no one misses after I eat them. The next thing I had to come to grips with is that I still had to go to school. I though that being undead might change that, but no one a my high school seems to notice. I still have to deal with all the same boring crap that I did when I was not undead...or is that unundead...or maybe just alive, but I'm still sort of alive now... anyway school blows, as I will reiterate many times on this page.

Also, pardon the cheesy green goo on this page. It was the best looking design they had (other than kitty cats). And this is my first website, so I decided not to bother finding anything better.

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What's New?

I added a new section with some of my reflections on life, and some new Mr. Sebek info.

New diary entry, it might not make much sense....

I added a new diary entry and two new pictures, one of my new pet, and the other of Zombie Bob as a baby.

I added a new section with some pictures.

I added a new diary entry and the "I" key stopped working on my keyboard. How did I just type all the I's in this update you ask? I lied, that's how. The I key isn't really broken, I just want attention.

Added yet another diary entry.

Added a new diary entry.

I added a new section to eduacate the public that zombies aren't evil, oh, and some diary entry about me burning some old lady with coffee.

I added some new quotes, and a new "Least Wanted Person".

I added a new section with quotes, If you have any good ones feel free to e-mail them to me.

This is the bottom of the page, but you can keep trying to scroll down if you want.