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Other people in my undead life.

Some of these people are my friends, others are my enemies, others just look funny.

Zombie Bob

Zombie Bob lives in the same town I do. He's been a zombie for a while. We hang out together and terrorize the town. So far there have been three angry mobs and one zombie hunter (Gary, what a loser.) I like to mess with Bob a lot, like showing up randomly at his work with no pants on and stuff like that.

Zombie Sean:
He lives in a town near the one Zombie Bob and I live in. Sometimes he gives us rides in his truck. He makes us sit in the back because he's obsessive-compulsive and doesn't want our dead zombie flesh on his seats. He is a strange zombie because he still runs cross country and track for his school. He wins a lot because he eats his competitors' brains. He also likes to ramble on about paint ball for hours on end. Here's a picture of his truck, click on it if you want to get a ride over to his site. E-mail him and tell him to update more if you do go there!