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A Campaign of Zombie Understanding

It has recently come to my attention that many of you "normal" humans regard zombies as "bad" or "grotesque monsters". This is a completely misinformed and derogitory veiw to have about your zombie bretheren. We are often depicted in movies and other forms of entertainment as villans or bumbling slack-jawed copses. The fact is that zombies are just as intelligent as you or any other person on earth (well, maybe not Zombie Bob).
One form of entertainment that is especially offensive to zombies is video games. There are quite a few video games out there conditioning you to believe that zombies are evil and should be blown to bits at every opportunity. Not only do they paint zombies as evil monsters, but they show them as lumbering ignoramuses, who have no regard for their own well being. On the contrary, my fellow zombies and I are quite clever when it comes to dealing a swift death to those who would destroy us. One video game series in particular has even called being a zombie a "disease". All in all remember this, we may be rotted and smelly, but you are our food, and we can easily overthrow this country if we choose BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

To stop anti-zombie propoganda, please write to these videogame companies and request that they stop painting a negative picture of zombies:




Games such as Resident Evil II showcase wholesale zombie slaughter. And why is the junk flying out of this zombie blue? Do your research Capcom!!!!


Although some games have their moments, none let you actually play as a zombie or present any positive zombie role models.