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Reflection on life...

A quantity of people is surprised, why we are here. I rather obviously know, why I was set on this mass. I was set here, in order to arrange the world. It is my fate the subjugate masses and bending it to my moods. I am, all Sehencrap know completely the universe. Onece I terminated an enormous bear with my bare hands, and I could destroy your Skull with one minisculebemuehung easily. I am Zombie, hear me roar. I went once to the south, Alabama, being exact. There was a bundle rednecks and it held to say, ", what are you dealing with stupid nergo. ", I avowed htem, which they degenerate a bundle of were. I do not understand the human obbsession with the Penis. Bevoelkeren you sometimes the act, which is disgusted by her, but everyone likes it, excluded Lesbier. But who is interested somehow in those dams. I met once a Lesbier in a staff and them caught on, to go away on me over, as them hated " those rat hybrid men ", I said, to " Mrs., you speak with a man, " and stepped it in the teeth. It thinks twice of shit like that again says, if it lives. I am surprised, why they do not permit mouth or anales sex in Massachusettes? Poor hybrid.

A lot of people wonder why we're here. I myself know quite clearly why I was put on this earth. I was put here to rule the world. It is my destiny to subjugate the masses and bend them to my whims. I am the all knowing, all seeing crap of the universe. I onece killed a giant bear with my bare hands, and I could easily destroy your skull with a miniscule effort. I am zombie, hear me roar. I once went to the south, Alabama to be exact. There were a bunch of rednecks and they kept saying, "What are you talking about silly nergo." I told htem they were a bunch of degenerates. I don't understand the human obbsession with the penis. Sometimes people act disgusted by it, but everybody likes them, except lesbians. But who cares about those dykes anyway. I once met a lesbian in a bar and she started going off on me about how she hated "those rat bastard men."
I said, " Madam, you are speaking to a man," and kicked her in the teeth. She will think twice about saying shit like that again, if she lives. I wonder why they don't allow oral or anal sex in Massachusettes? Poor bastards.